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Adobe AD0-E300 Dumps Question Answers | Dumpsprofessor.com

Sample Questions:

Question: 1

How should a campaign business practitioner send a proof to a seed list?

A. Proofs are sent automatically to seed lists before a delivery is sent
B. Select the appropriate target in the send proof menu
C. A proof cannot be sent to the seed list, only the actual delivery
D. Enter a seed list address in the “To:” text box

Answer: B

Question: 2

What should a campaign business practitioner add to a workflow that needs an additional data appended to target population?

A. Add a list update to the workflow
B. Add a data import step to the workflow
C. Add an enrichment to the workflow
D. Add an intersection to the workflow

Answer: B

Question: 3

A workflow supervisors group is assigned to a workflow. In which instance is the workflow supervisors group notified?

A. When a workflow deploys
B. When a workflow has thrown an error
C. When a workflow is taking a long time to run
D. When a delivery has changed

Answer: B 

Question: 4

Which is mandatory when creating a new campaign?

A. Label
B. Start date
C. Plan
D. Channel

Answer: A 

Question: 5

How would you ensure a delivery is NOT sent to multiple recipients with the same email address?

A. Place a deduplication activity prior to the delivery
B. Place a union activity prior to the delivery
C. Place a change dimension activity prior to the delivery
D. Place a split activity prior to the delivery

Answer: A  

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