Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Superlative DA-100 Dumps 2021 Valid Final Exam Questions

Sample Questions:

Question: 1

You need to address the data concerns before creating the data model. What should you do in Power Query Editor?

A. Select Column distribution.
B. Select the sales amount column and apply a number filter.
C. Select Column profile, and then select the sales amount column.
D. Transform the sales amount column to replace negative values with 0.

Answer: A

Question: 2

You need to create a calculated column to display the month based on the reporting requirements.
Which DAX expression should you use?

A. FORMAT('Date'[date], "MMM YYYY")
B. FORMAT('Date' [date], "M YY")
C. FORMAT('Date'[date_id], "MMM") & "" & FORMAT('Date'[year], "#")
D. FORMAT('Date' [date_id], "MMM YYYY")

Answer: D

Question: 3

You need to create the required relationship for the executive's visual. What should you do before you
can create the relationship?

A. Change the data type of Sales[region_id] to Whole Number.
B. In the Sales table, add a measure for sum(sales_amount).
C. Change the data type of sales[sales_id] to Text.
D. Change the data type of sales [region_id] to Decimal Number.

Answer: C 

Question: 4

What should you create to meet the reporting requirements of the sales department?

A. a calculated column that use a formula of couMTA(Sales[sales_id]>
B. a calculated measure that uses a formula of couNTROws(Sales)
C. a calculated column that uses a formula of suM(Sales[sales_id])
D. a measure that uses a formula of sw-i(Sales[sales_id])

Answer: B

Question: 5

You need to create a relationship between the Weekly_Returns table and the Date table to meet the reporting requirements of the regional managers. What should you do?

A. In the Weekly.Returns table, create a new calculated column named date-id in a format of yyyymmdd
and use the calculated column to create a relationship to the Date table.
B. Add the Weekly_Returns data to the Sales table by using related DAX functions.
C. Create a new table based on the Date table where date-id is unique, and then create a many-to-many
relationship to Weekly_Return.

Answer: A 

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