Monday, 26 October 2020

Pass Cisco 200-301 Dumps PDF With

Sample Questions:

Question: 1

What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?

A. Central AP management requires more complex configurations
B. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method
C. It supports autonomous and lightweight APs
D. It eliminates the need to configure each access point individually

Answer: D

Question: 2

Which network allows devices to communicate without the need to access the Internet?

A. 1729.0.0/16

Answer: B 

Question: 3

An organization has decided to start using cloud-provided services. Which cloud service allows the organization to install its own operating system on a virtual machine?

A. platform-as-a-service
B. software-as-a-service
C. network-as-a-service
D. infrastructure-as-a-service

Answer: D 

Question: 4

When configuring a WLAN with WPA2 PSK in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller GUI, which two formats are available to select? (Choose two)

B. base64
C. binary
D. decimal
E. hexadecimal

Answer: A,E 

Question: 3

Which result occurs when Port Fast is enabled on an interface that is connected to another switch?

A. Spanning tree may fail to detect a switching loop in the network that causes broadcast storms
B. VTP is allowed to propagate VLAN configuration information from switch to switch automatically.
C. Root port choice and spanning tree recalculation are accelerated when a switch link goes down
D. After spanning tree converges Port Fast shuts down any port that receives BPDUs.

Answer: A 

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